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Ayuzip Virgin Lotion - The Orgasm Virgin Cream That Make You Hot


ayuzip virgin lotion orgasm

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Ayuzip Virgin Lotion - Orgasm


ayuzip virgin lotion orgasm

Ayuzip Virgin Lotion - Ayuzip V-Gin Lotion
There are different types of products on the market to tighten the women vagina. But mostly is formulated with ingredients that can be harmful.

Nature of the soft and moist vagina causes of this section is very sensitive and easily hurt if the friction with hard materials. Although the main objective is to tighten the vagina, sweep/apply/wipe over the surface of the lip lotion clitoris is sufficient. To that end, we introduced Ayuzip V-Gin Lotion that is so soft to restore your girl.(vagina)
Blended with the goodness of herbs manjakani, mas cotek, betel and incisors Fatimah, special recipes are formulated with a mixture of leech extract, can help

  • Vaginal Tightening
  • Attract sexual partner by smell
  • Restoring impotency and coldness of sex
  • Clitoral sensation and help orgasm
  • Delay the menopause
  • Maintain the natural color of skin pH and vaginal
  • De-unpleasant odor, anti bacterial, treating vaginal discharge, maintaining pH
  • Fading dark skin vagina
  • Restoring the natural color of the vagina
  • Able to treat the effects of wrinkles vaginal

Ayuzip V-Gin Lotion very suitable to be practiced by unmarried teens to avoid gynecological problems.

Ayuzip V-Gin Lotion also works to enhance women's sexual passion. Make use of Ayuzip V-Gin Lotion as a necessity in your daily routine and restore the glory days when your girl!
Methods of Use
To obtain a satisfactory result, you are advised to sweep/apply Ayuzip V-Gin Lotion after everytime you wash your vagina.

Make sure you wipe the vagina area after washing. Then apply Ayuzip V-Gin Lotion on the lips of the vagina and clitoris.

Like wearing a body lotion, Ayuzip V-Gin Lotion should not be washed. Ayuzip special V-Gin Lotion can also be as close to making the vagina.


  • For added pleasure during make love, apply to the vagina before having intercourse.
  • Use V-Gin Lotion Ayuzip 2X a day morning and night
  • Sweep also Ayuzip V-Gin Lotion, especially during menstruation to prevent irritations

This is not a medical advice. If you require medical advice, please consult your Professional Medical Consultants.

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