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Need any assistant or tip from other people. Why not check out this section and hear what they say about dating and try it. Who know it might benefits you and your partner. Enjoy & Good Luck.


"Everytime I go on a date with my love, we exchange hand written notes. I usually write two so that he can read one in front of me and one when he gets home. There's something more romantic with a handwritten love letter than an email. At the bottom of my letters I never forget to write, "P.S. Wouldn't this be a great time to kiss me?" It works everytime. " Amy from Owatonna

" If you really wanna impress your girl instead of buying cliche roses, stop by a field before picking her up and freshly pick her some beautiful wild flowers. They make a girl feel like you put thought into what you gave her and are always beautiful."  Amber from Charleston

" When you go out with that special lady to the movies or to dinner, open doors for her, help her with her chair, say that you love her and kiss her." Ayanbu (Boo) from Michigan

"   A game I like to play with my boyfriend is every day I draw a little heart somewhere on me in ink. When I see him, the first thing he does is look for it. It gives him an excuse to get up close and personal while he's hunting for it ;)  "  Lissa from Seattle

"Pick something that you excell at and he is unfamiliar with. Then teach him the basics. Or, have HIM teach you something new. . .For example, teach him how to dance, or have him teach you how to play the guitar! It'll be a great experience the two of you will remember, and will probably lead to other things. and the bonus: take what he taught you, and learn it better than him and beat him next time!!!" Katey from Connecticut

If you have any dating tip that you want to share with others please sent it to us, we would love to post it on our Dating Tip Of The Week Section. Thank You Very Much

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