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Does Penis Size Matter ?

Do you want it "BIG" ?



Yes It Does! I am sorry to say! How could it not. I mean think about it? Does the size and tightness of woman vagina matter to you? of course it does.

And 90% of the people that say it does not matter must be men.I have been running a survey on the web for a while now and I ask woman directly "Does Penis Size Matter?" And most say yes it does. There are some that say it does not matter but overall the majority says it does matter. I also asked "What is the perfect size?" And once again most said 7-8 Inches in length and thick.

Men and woman from cultures all over the world since time began have put great importance on the size of a mans penis. A large size is equated with, man hood, power, status, masculinity, sexual ability and prowess.

People say things about men like, "He is well endowed." which almost makes him sound rich or gifted which he actually is. Or "He is hung!" And every mans favorite that they want to hear from there lover. "Your so big!" And if you are not one of the lucky guys out there you are feeling very left out right now.

What's even worse is that woman even laugh about a man's penis size (hopefully not in front of him. And if a woman ever laughs at you see her for what she is a cold heartless bitch! You can't help the size you were born with. Just she can help the breast size or vagina size she has!) But you can do something about your size and I will be getting to that soon enough!

But first I want to answer one of the great questions of all time. No, not what is the meaning of life. But one far more important to you if you were not born very well endowed. And the question is... How do you make it "BIG" ?

By Greatlover

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