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How much guts does it take to approach a girl? Why you see not-so-handsome man has a very beautiful girlfriend? Is he smart enough or does he really know the techniques and tactics to tackle a dreamed woman? Or the worst case scenario is he using some sort of black magic or something?

Well guys, you don't need to use any of black magic or in Malay we call it übat guna-guna" if you know how to play by the rules. The rule is what we call opportunity. Remember sometimes you see a very pretty lady and you fantasize all sorts of things with that lady. You know you have the chance but later you found out that lady belongs to some other guy. Fuhh.. no chance at all. Sometimes you meet a gorgeous chick down the road, but you just not dare enough to open your mouth. Well, there goes your chance off. In tackling a lady there is what its called opportunity.

Sometimes you meet that beautiful girl and you would have probably been thinking she must already have somebody special in her life. You don't stand a chance at all. But later you found out she just broke off with her boyfriend. At that moment, your opportunity is wide open. Not only the girl is available but she is also very fragile at that stage which makes it literally easier to fall into your arm.

In other case, you like this gorgeous lady working with the same company with you. But you dare not open your mouth even to say hello. On one fine morning, you happen to be in the same elevator with the lady. Only two of you are inside. Well guys, I'm not asking you to straight away kiss her. No! No! No!. You would probably just say hi or good morning. But it's good enough because it might the beginning of the conversation. The next meeting or the next time you bump into her down the corridor, you would not feel uncomfortable to say hi again. It might be the start of a new era in your life. Again, it is not just co-incidence in life. It is opportunity. If you don't have one, create it.

By: X-man

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