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High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) - Overview


Investing in high yield internet opportunities can, and is a high risk endeavor . This is probably the most frequent question I have seen in the past few days. And as members of this list, I have to tell you, you already knew how to protect yourself, and a lot of you were doing so.

First, my thoughts on government intervention.   It is definitely in the best interests of Big Business and Big Brother if these programs are shut down. As an example, if you could be absolutely sure that these programs would not shut down, how long would you be a slave to your job? How long would your family work? How long would anyone that you come into contact with work? If you could be absolutely sure that these programs would pay and continue to operate, everyone in your circle of contacts would be in them and you would no longer be dependent on the JOB. Big Business and Big Brother HAVE To shut them down or they will go under, it's as simple as that.

Programs that are open and doing well today are gaining members at an unbelievable rate , if they are still running and still paying a year from now, first, how many of us will be millionaires and second,how many members will they have? The policy has always been that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, in this arena we are all on an equal playing field. They may be able to put in more than we can, but we will get richer. That is upsetting to the people who depend on the poor in order to get richer. They will stop it if they can, by any means necessary.

Now, on to How to guard yourself in the future? 1. Totally ignore any "hype" you hear about a program . It doesn't matter if they have been paying a day or a year, treat them as if they could go down tomorrow, because they may.

2. Literally do not put more into a program than you can afford to lose . Nobody likes to lose their money, but you can't play again if you don't budget your funds.It's just that simple. If you want to stay in the game, you have to ration your money.

3. Figure out what your plan is going to be and then MAKE yourself stick to it.  I know that if you start out with $100 and you put all of your profits back in for a year , you can retire and never have to work again in your whole life. BUT!!! How do you know they will last a year??? Take some portion of your profits out regularly. Whether you decide on 50% as I do, or 25%, whatever your plan is DO IT!! Then determine how much of that profit are you going to use testing other programs. I use 10%, and then do the same thing with them. Take that same percentage out regularly. I will normally get my initial spend back as soon as my amount doubles. If I put in $1000, then I re-enter my spends until I reach $2000, then take my $1000 out. Then after that I remove 50% of any payout they give me. You may not get rich quick,but you will get rich.

4. What to look for to see if a program is going down?  I operate on the theory that it shouldn't matter, I have protected myself as much as I can and I am in profit unless they go down as soon as I join, which has certainly happened. In HYIP programs, I don't like nor do I trust changes. ANY changes at all are a signal to me that they could be having a problem. And I react accordingly, if they make a change, then I don't put 50% back in until I determine that they are still paying correctly. Classic example, Crystal Capstone. I still hope that they will be ok, but until they get their act together, I will hold off.

Keep in mind there is a vast difference between an honest program having problems and a scam . You can guard your funds in a program with problems, you can slow your spends , take more money out, etc. In a scam you may not be aware of anything being wrong until they are gone and your money is gone with them. Thanks, and remember keep the faith and follow your plan!!

By: Lucki

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