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Minyak Lintah Belacak 2-in-1  - Power Oil For Men   

Minyak Lintah Belacak 

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Leech & Giant Mudskipper 2-in-1 Oil For Men

Belacak For Men

Minyak Lintah Belacak 2-In-1 is a specially formulated massage oil for men that combine the extraordinary benefits of two special creatures - Leech & Giant Mudskipper. It also contains carefully selected tropical herbs to further enhance its effectiveness.

Medicinal Leech (Lintah) and Giant Mudskipper (Belacak) are very well known among the Malays and have traditionally been used to help increase men's sexual health and vitality for many generations in the Malay culture.

Medicinal Leech (Hirudo Medicinalis) 

Some of the benefits of Medicinal Leech for human beings include, it has traditionally been used to help prevent blood clotting and promoting blood flow. Leech’s saliva contains enzymes and compounds that act as anticoagulation (anti blood clotting) and vasodilator agents (widen the blood vessel). This help to increase blood circulation inside the penis naturally.

Nowaday, more and more modern medical clinics and alternative therapy centers are using Medicinal Leech to treat their patients with various health problems.

Giant Mudskipper (Periophthalmodon Schlosseri) 

Giant Mudskipper has traditionally been used for hundreds of years in the Malay community to help increase the size and strength of the male organ whether through massage oils or consumable preparations. It is also believe to help increase male libido especially when freshly taken.

Giant Mudskippers are fish that live around muddy banks and mangrove swamps. Giant Mudskippers are unique in that they spend most of their time out of water looking for food as well as "socializing". They are very special fish because not only can they swim, but also can jump out of the water, move around across the mud and even climb trees.

Male Giant Mudskipper is very good at courting its female counterpart for mating. It will hop around in the mud, show off its attractive capabilities as well as release bubbles to attract her. After mating, it will always be busy chasing away rival males from its mate, as well as from other predators.

These unique characters of Giant Mudskipper are also one of the reasons that this special fish is commonly used to help solve various problem related to men sexual health in the Malay culture tradition.

Benefits of Minyak Lintah Belacak 2-In-1

Regular usage of Minyak Lintah Belacak 2-In-1 can help to:

  • prevent blood clot in the penis
  • increase the size of the penis (girth) naturally
  • increase the length of the penis naturally
  • improve strength of the penis by improving the blood circulation into the penis naturally. Thus reducing the risk of premature ejaculation.

Here are the ingredient for Leech & Giant Mudskipper 2-In-1 Oil:-

- Hirudo Medicinalis - Lintah (Medicinal Leech)
- Periophthalmodon Schlosseri - Ikan Belacak
(Giant Mudskipper)
- Zingiberis Officinale - Halia (Ginger)
- Smilax Myosotiflora - Ubi Jaga
- Aleurites Moluccana - Buah Keras (Candlenut)
- Piper Nigrum - Lada Hitam (Black Pepper)
- Paprika Extract (Ekstrak Paprika)
- Cocos Nucifera - Minyak Kelapa Dara (Virgin
  Coconut Oil)
- Palm Oil - Minyak Sawit

Massage the penis firmly with Lintah Belacak 2-In-1 Oil once daily.

30ml Tube. For 15 to 25 applications.

For external use only. Do not apply on inflamed or open wounds penis skin.

This is not a medical advice. If you require medical advice, please consult your Professional Medical Consultants.

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