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How To Use 2Plus Enhancement Device?
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Proven Penis Enlargement Technique - The Original 2Plus Natural Genital Exercise Tools. 

Enlarge Your Penis with the Original 2Plus Natural Genital Exercise Tools! A terriffic, state-of-the-art product that gives you maximum potential of obtaining a LONGER as well as THICKER PENIS.

The Original 2Plus is specially designed to allow you to progressively stretch and extend (traction) your male organ to it's maximum growth potential naturally.

The 2Plus Natural Genital Exercise Tools is easy to put on & take off, comfortable, safe and generally painless to wear. You can easily adjust the stretching (tension) level. It works equally well on both circumcised and uncircumsized penis. It's also easy to clean.

How Does The 2Plus Stretching Device Work?

It is a 100 percent natural process. It works through a basic principle of traction of human body parts.

Through proper technique of stretching the penis using the Original 2Plus Stretching Device regularly over a period of 60 days or more would help to enlarge the penis size in term of length and girth naturally and permanently.

Hanging weights from the penis (in order to stretch it) has been practiced for over 2,000 years. Evidence of this belief continues in certain African tribes, where the penis isn’t the only thing that is stretched.

You may have come across documentaries on certain African tribes through constant "stretching" of their ears, over time, have ears that reach their shoulders.

It has even been suggested that the pharaohs of ancient Egypt also practiced weight hanging method of penis enlargement. This technique has shown the ability to increase the length of the penis.

Benefits Of The 2Plus Stretching Device Are:

1. Naturally and effectively help to increase the
    length of the penis in flaccid and erect state

2. Naturally and effectively help to increase the
    girth (diameter) of the penis in flaccid and erect

3. Naturally and effectively help to straighten
    crooked penis

4. Effectively help to solve men with long foreskin

5. Effectively help to improve penis strength by
    improving blood circulation within the penis
    through proper stretching technique naturally

6. Effectively help to improve the general vitality of
    a male's organ in the long run naturally

7. As a result the 2Plus Stretching Device can
    effectively help to improve men's performance
    in bed in the long run and reduce the risk
    premature ejaculation.


  • Result for each individual will vary depending on various factors including genetic, tissular development of the penis, the type of food & drinks we consume throughout our life and individual general healthiness, etc.
  • Range of growth in penis size from users feedback for the past 6½ years after constant and regular usage of 2Plus for a period between 15 to 180 days :-
    a) length - 0 to 2.8 inches (7.1cm)
    b) girth - 0 to 0.5 inch (1.2 cm)

What The 2Plus Stretching Device Is NOT :-

1. A Vacuum Pump or any other type of "Penis
    Enlargement" Pump

2. A "Sex Toy" or any other masturbation gadget
3. A "Miracle Penis Enlargement Solution"
    that require no effort from the user.

The 2Plus Stretching Device actually is a Practical and Natural way to enlarge penis size through a proper penis stretching technique over a period of time. It does require effort and commitment from the user. If anybody does provide an effortless way to enlarge penis, you should be very careful.

The Original 2Plus Stretching Device had been approved by the following Government Authorities of Malaysia :-

1. Ministry of Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs
    of Malaysia. (Awarded - Industrial Design Copy
    Right No. My 00-00426 on15th April, 2002).

2. Ministry of Health, Malaysia - Pharmaceutical
    Services Division - Approved for Media
    Publication No. KKM-55/201/002/01-Bhg 5
    (62) - 8th July, 2001.

How to use The Original 2Plus Stretching Device?

There are two main components of The Original 2Plus Stretching Device - the Inner Cylinder and the Outer Cylinder.

1. Insert your penis into the the Inner Cylinder and
    secure the head inside the penis holder.

2. Then adjust the tension to your level of comfort
    by stretching the Inner Cylinder outward. Insert
    the Lock-pin to lock the stretched length. Start
    using it with a one hour session per day.

3. Over time, gradually increase each session
    period. You may feel a little discomfort for the
    first few sessions. But after a while, you will get
    accustomed to wearing it. With each session,
    you'll also get used to a certain tension level.

4. Now you can stretch out the Inner Cylinder
    further and further to increase the tension level.

But please do not try to "over stretch" your penis. The tension level should be increased gradually. Try to use it persistently over a period of at least 30 to 60 days. For some, the longer the period you use it (such as 2 to 6 months), the better the result you will get.

The Guideline of how to use it is also attached with every unit ofThe Original 2-Plus Tool.

This is not a medical advice. If you require medical advice, please consult your Professional Medical Consultants.

2 Plus Detail Information In Malay

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