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Parable Of The Pipeline

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One Pipeline Is Worth A Thousand Paychecks.

We are living in the most affluent economy in decades. Yet millions of people are still living from paycheck to paycheck, working longer and longer hours just to stay even.

WHY ?  Because they bought into the wrong plan! They have fallen for Time-for-Money Trap . You know, a day's work for a day's pay. A month's work for a month's pay. Sound familiar?

Whether you are a $10,000 a year dishwasher or a $100,000 a year doctor, you are still trading one unit of time for one unit of money. You are still living paycheck to paycheck. As for "job security"-if you can not do the work because of layoffs...illness...injury...or retirement - the paycheck stop.

Where's the security in that ?

How do you escape the Time-for-Money Trap ? By building pipelines of ongoing, residual income. With residual income, you do the work once and get paid over and over again. Thats why one pipeline is worth thousand paychecks. Pipelines keep pumping day after day, year after year, whether you are there to do the work or not.

Now, that is security - true financial security!

"The Parable Of The Pipeline" - will teach you how to build pipelines so that you can make the leap from earning a living today...to enjoying a lifestyle tommorow!

By: Burke Hedges

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