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Sensa Cream For Men - The All Natural Male Enhancement Cream


Sensa Cream For Men

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Sensa Topical Cream For Men

Sensa Cream

Sensa Cream is a specially formulated cream for men to help improve the size, strength and general healthiness of the penis. It contains the extract of Leech and Butea Superba that have been known for hundreds of years to be effective in improving blood circulation, reduce the potential of blood clog and enlarge the diameter of the penis's blood vessels naturally over time. With a naturally healthier and stronger penis, will reduce the risk of premature ejaculation.

Sensa Cream also contains selected herbs based on the Malay heritage from the rich tropical jungle in the Malay Archipelago. Normally the result can be seen after 2 to 4 weeks of continuous usage.

Here are the ingredients for Sensa Cream For Men:-

- Hirudo Medicinalis - Lintah (Medicinal Leech)
- Butea Superba (Red Kwao Krua)
- Zingiber Minus - Halia Bara (Ginger)
- Zingiber Officinale - Halia (Ginger)
- Rhizoma Smilax Myosotiflora - Ubi Jaga
- Aleurites Moluccana - Buah Keras (Candlenut)
- Piper Nigrum - Lada Hitam (Black Pepper)
- Fragrance
- Emolium Delta
- Olive Oil
- White Oil
- Aqua

Sensa Cream is not sticky and have the great smell of lavender. So you can apply it every morning after taking the shower. And you can have the freshness feeling of your penis all day. It is best to use Sensa Cream daily to maintain a healthy and hygienic male organ.

Sensa Cream is a great solution for men who are concern about their performance in bed as well as their penis size. At the end of the day size and performance really matter, to complete a mutually beneficial sexual intercourse.

Sensacream is registered with the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB), Ministry of Health, Malaysia. Product Registration Number - NOT07061338KE

Rub Sensa Cream For Men on the penis once daily. Massage gently until fully absorbed.

25gram Tube. For 15 to 25 applications.

For external use only. Do not apply on inflamed or open wounds penis skin.

This is not a medical advice. If you require medical advice, please consult your Professional Medical Consultants.

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