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Female Breast
Herba Jannatu Naim
Herba Jannatu Naim
Herba Jannatu Naim untuk memulihkan hubungan suami isteri.

Ubat Tahan Lama
Ubat Tahan Lama
This Traditional Malay herb is effective for curing premature ejaculation



The breast of a female is God given heaven that man can find in a woman. This beautiful gift can make man melt on the spot or otherwise - the woman melt (You know what I mean). Man always look at this part of woman's body to fantasize with. The fantasize can be:

1) Sucking the nipple. Man prefer the "PINK" nipple.

2) Caressing it gently.

3) Holding it during a kiss.

4) Put the man shaft in between the breast.

And much much more what man can think. It is a free world after all.

By Jill Robert

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