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Top Ten Phobia For Women

Here's a list of things that a lot of women do not really enjoy. Well, they hate it! So, as the Good Guys you should help to ease their pain. Or even better - turn it around with positive thoughts!

And if the phobia is related to men, then don't be the bad apple. Show your women, why you are her protector, not the predator!



1. Arachnophobia - The Fear of Spiders
    The king of all fears for women.

2. Roaches Phobia
    Yup. This one is swear by many women.

3. Musophobia - Mice Phobia
    And another common enemy for the ladies.

4. “Aaargh, my hair is really bad today” Phobia
    ’nuff said.

5. Fear of Rape
    Sadly this is still true today. Simple advice -:)
    Women: Avoid dark places or quiet alleys, dress modestly, don’t try to show
    off your beauty, lower your gaze and don’t flirt.
    Men: Don’t flirt, control your desire for the beauties scattered everywhere
    around you all the time and lower your gaze.

6. “And what if he doesn’t really like me?” Phobia
    Another one of those million dollar questions.

7. Fears Over Identify Theft and Fraud
    With more and more people getting used to conveniently do online
    transaction, who wouldn’t? But what many people do not realize is that
    charging your card offline is much more dangerous especially if the cashier
    have to go inside and cannot do the “card swiping” in front of you.

8. “Is there another women in his life?” Phobia
    Sadly this one ranked as one of the top fear for women as well. If only men
    could behave themselves well and be more reliable…

9. Social Phobia
    The feeling that everyone else is watching, staring, and judging you and you’ll
    make fool of yourself even though you know that this is not true. This can be
    overcame by any woman. Yes you can do it!

10. Achluophobia - Afraid of the Dark
    This seems like a real problem. But you know as they say “It’s all in the mind”.


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