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Your body

Turn-ons:  Good pecs, good abs, good shoulders, good grooming, nice teeth, dimples, great haircut, good posture.

Turn-offs:  Dirty or long fingernails, too many tattoos, too much cologne, food in your beard, the big comb-over.

Your clothes

Turn-ons:  Boxer shorts (especially if they're silk), jeans and a sport jacket, white shirts, work boots, leather bomber jacket.

Turn-offs:  Speedo swimsuits, T-shirts with slogans like "Coed Naked Volleyball," rock concert T-shirts on guys over 30.

Your behavior and attitude

Turn-ons:  You're nice to her parents, you're nice to children, you give her small gifts for no reason at all, you're nice to animals, you tell good jokes, you're good at witty banter.

Turn-offs:  Bad table manners, you're a bad tipper, over machismo, being self-centered, drinking too much, telling disgusting jokes, checking yourself out whenever you pass a mirror, talking on the phone in the bathroom.

Preambles to sex

Turn-ons:  Massage, showering together, working out together.

Turn-offs:  Cutting your toenails, flossing your teeth.

By Men's Health

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